Your best Butt...

This past Christmas I received my first pair of Lululemon running pants and OMG! When I first put them on it felt a little like a putting on a wet suit, which was kind of annoying, but once I was wearing them...I swear my butt was lifted, my thighs were thinner and there was not one ounce of cellulite to be found! It was amazing and for a second, I thought...."why work out? All i need to do is where these magical pants everywhere!" I soon came back to reality and went to the gym. I felt more confident and had the best work out I think I've ever had!

Lululemon is a yoga, clothing company based out of Canada. The clothing is a little more expensive then you'd expect for workout wear but I promise it's well worth it. Check out the website and see if there is a lululemon store near you. www.lululemon.com

These are the pants I got. They're called Run: Inspire Tights and they're $92

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