U is for Utilitarian

U is kind. U is smart. U is utilitarian.
I recently came across a khaki vest in my sister's closet. Maybe it was once mine and she so graciously held on to it for me. A fact she'll probably deny. Either way, a spark was lit for all things utilitarian. Understated and neutral, party on by pairing with prints, metallics, or any color under the sun.


Well, bust my buttons!

Tomato? Tomato? Button up? Button down? Either way, fully buttoning your blouse is the trend that just keeps giving. Seen all over the red carpet for the Jason Wu for Target launch, buttoned up blouses create a sleek silhouette when paired with a skirt. If casual is more your style, pair your blouse with an open cardi or a pair of shorts.  

What's wrong with this picture?


Spring '12 Trend | Tribal

I'm a sucker for anything Tribal. Fabrics, artwork, jewelry, you name it. There is something about the bright colors, organic prints and mix of textures that make me weak in the knees. Tribal and African influenced fashion will replace Nahavo-inspired prints made popular last fall. This spring you'll see bold, geometric prints, heavy beaded jewelry and turban-inspired head pieces.

Pop'Africana founder Oroma Elewa featured in Vogue



Its a Brad Brad World!

You don't have to be a Brad to dress like one! 

Are you a Bradette? 

Post inspired by my dear friend, Ashley W. 


Blazer Rehab

How to Remove Shoulder Pads

I found this slightly oversized red blazer at a thrift store in Austin. I loved the color but the shoulder pads sent me straight to the 80's. To avoid time travel I learned a very quick and easy way to remove them.


Seam Ripper, Needle, Matching Thread

Find the seam closest to the shoulder pad and start ripping. I opened a hole just big enough for my hand to fit through.

The shoulder pad.... not so glamorous!

Complete the project by hand stitching the hole. Remember no one will see this stitch so it doesn't have to be perfect.


Looking to a Brighter Future

I love the New Year. Everyone is motivated, energized and positive. Goals are set with fresh mentalities but at times, even the most sunshine-y people can be frustrated with just how long these long term goals can take. Like, why isn't the weight falling off? I've worked out 3 days in a row!!
As I continue to chip away at those new year resolutions, I needed a little pick me up in the meantime. A quick fix, if you will. Inspired by a photo shoot I styled last summer, I've decided to cure my wintery blues with bright colors. If we're going to be pasty and pale (gross words but you know you are), let's do it in magenta, cobalt blue, and every color in between. We ain't afraid of no neon!


Hope you don't mind. I went ahead and found some options for you. Oh, I also choose things on sale. No buyer's remorse here. 

Gap Legging Jeans
J.Crew School Boy Blazer

Francesca's Foundations Skirt

Nasty Gal Kayla Pocket Knit


You Don't Dream in Sequins?


I love NYE because in my bedazzled brain it appears that the entire world shares my affinity for sequins. And, I can go bat shit crazy with sequins from head to toe and no one will laugh or judge. So, 'twas strange when I met my best friend Holly years ago and shockingly she did not share my feelings for all things bedazzled. After months of therapy, retail therapy that is, we came to the conclusion that we can still be friends. 

So, you don't dream in sequins like me? No prob. There are so many ways to spruce up your wardrobe for NYE without looking like you rolled around in a pool of sequins...Wait, is that possible?

Add an animal print in the form of a blazer, dress, or shoe. 
Metallic Animal Print Blazer-TopShop

A fun pant in metallic or any color adds a pop of WOW to any outfit. 
Gilded Jacquard Crops-Anthropologie

Sequins close relative but not as flashy. Throw one in your hair or add to a dress. Feathers=Fun
Patterned Silk and Ostrich Dress-Matthew Williamson

Keep it under wraps with a fun and festive pair of tights. 

SHY SHY Glitter Stirrup Tights-YESSTYLE

Update: Just received this text from Holly. "You'd be proud to know that I bought a "festive" sequined shirt from J.Crew. I secretly love it. " Disregard everything I just posted.