Welcome spring, won't you stay a while?

Ahhh there's nothing like springtime in NYC. After enduring months of below freezing temps, seasonal depression, and so much black in our wardrobes,  New Yorkers welcome spring with open arms. Not to take away from the amazingness that was Fall Fashion Week, it's time to roll out the red carpet and let you in on the trends you'll be seeing in Spring. What I love about the following trends is there appears to be no rules. Bold, bright colors on top and bottom, patterns and prints colliding, and let out the seams because ladies, we can finally breathe in maxi skirts and dresses. For those of you cringing at the thought of so much fabric, relax because lace and leather will be in high demand. Throw out the rule book ladies and gents, springtime is quickly approaching.

Check back for weekly updates on how to best wear spring trends for your body.

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