Thread Show

Thread Show is a pop-up shop in San Diego that hosts more than 100 independent designers from the So Cal area. The show sets up randomly throughout the year for one day, so I was lucky to have the day off this past November to check it out.

There are all type of vendors at Threads, from men's and women's apparel to jewelry, art, screen printed tee's, you name it. It's kind of like a farmers market for all things fashion.

I was most excited by the jewelry. I love hand made simple, yet unique pieces so naturally I fell head over heals in love with Jennifer Shon's jewelry and Hammered by Corrine Grant.

All of Jennifer Shon's jewlery is hand made in Los Angeles, CA. I would describe her jewelry as antique, delicate and incredibly wearable with almost any outfit! The prices of her pieces range from $40 - $150... super reasonable if you ask me!

Here are some of my favorites...

$50 $140 $120

Corrine Grant currently lives in North Park, a neighborhood in San Diego, and hand makes, without any machinery these simple, yet special bracelets. Each bracelet has a sterling silver disc with a message or letter hand hammered on it. The phrases hammered range from pretty much anything and if I can remember correctly, the price was under $30 dollars (I can't find a website). You can find these bracelets at Vocabulary in Little Italy and Maeve Riley in North Park.

The next San Diego Thread Show is April 3rd @ Horton Plaza! Thread Show's also pop-up in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Orange County, Have you ever been?

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  1. Love the example pieces you posted! Antiques like these are definitely oldie but goodies and add a whole new meaning to charming. I am really looking forward to going to this event in a few weeks! Thanks SaraG !