Kick Up Your Heels

The August issue of In Style Magazine featured "Sparkling Heels." Totes inspired by these blinged-out kicks I decided to bedazzle a pair of heels myself. The process was much easier then I expected and the outcome is amazing!

You'll Need:
*A pair of high heels that have seen better days
*Scotch fine point super glue
* Beads or studs of your choice

Beware, Super Glue is a mess when it gets on your skin! To avoid a sticky disaster use tweezers to glue and place each bead on your shoe.

More of a stone then spike kind of gal I chose beads that look like little pebbles in shades of brown, blue and green.

The process isn't as tedious as it appears, I promise!

The Finished Look

My Inspiration:

Brian Atwood

Kelsi Dagger

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