Street Fair Fashion

One of the greatest places to people watch in San Diego is Ocean Beach. It's a free loving, bohemian beach town best known for it's fish tacos (South Beach) and hamburgers (Hodad's).This past weekend during OB's Annual Street Fair and Chili Cook-Off I watched the people to see what they were wearing and how they styled the latest trends. 

These were a couple of stand out styles I saw: 

I love how these ladies styled their jean shorts with a belt and a tucked in shirt! Other major trends I saw and loved were Crop Tops, Lace Tunics, Crochet, Toms and low-cut Converse!

The fair had more than 100 booths of different local artists selling a whole slew of products. My favorite two booths were The Poster List and Flea Market Girl.

The Poster List's booth had hundreds of prints designed by a local Los Angeles Graphic Designer, Adam. His designs range from city skylines to food, birds, popular sayings and pretty much anything else you can think of. These are a couple of my favorites:

Flea Market Girl's booth was packed with shoppers! I squeezed in to see a huge variety of eclectic charm necklaces perfect for everyday wear. But what surprised me most was the price - only $15! I've seen very similar necklaces and earrings sold closer to $50. These are a couple of my favorite pieces:

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