Fancy a Mulberry Handbag?

Our friends across the pond certainly do. The Glastonbury Festival in southwest England was created in 1970. This modern day Woodstock is not only a chance to raise money for various charities but also acts as a platform for fashionistas to show off the latest trends in England.


After looking through hundreds of street-style pictures from the festival, I found it's quite easy to look like Kate Moss, err, like the ladies above. You need one of each of the following:

Barbour jacket or military-inspired coat

T-shirt-My favorites are Truly, Madly, Deeply which you can find at Urban Outfitters.

Shorts- These are Henry Holland but any denim shorts will do.

Burberry Sunglasses or any bright shades

Mulberry Handbag-I got my shoulder bag at Target!

Want to experience a little Glastonbury? Download live performances on itunes. Proceeds from the sale goes to charity!

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