How To: Earring Organizer

The best way to save money is to know what you have. Each season we see the new trends and immediately think, I have to go shopping! We forget what we already own and sometimes end up buying duplicates. That's why I love this earring organizer - it lets me see every earring ensuring I don't come home with another pair of gold hoops or diamond studs.

  • A wood  picture frame of your choice
  • Plastic mesh (found in the knitting section of any craft store)
  • Tacky Glue 
  • Scissors

First, remove the glass from the picture frame and use it as the template to cut your plastic mesh. 

Second, put a thick line of glue along the inside of the frame. 

Gently press the freshly cut plastic mesh on to the glue. 

To ensure durability put another line of glue over the plastic mesh.

The glue takes about 8 hours to dry...

The finished product!

- s.g.f.

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