Don't Ruffle My Feathers

Thank you Steven Tyler for showing this awesome trend to the world via American Idol! 

The feather has popped up in all types of mediums; clothes, earrings, necklaces, hair pieces and hair extensions. I recently received an awesome feather earring from Dallas, Texas (Thanks Elisha!). It's a solo earring made by Lou's Feathers. I typically don't wear large earrings so I decided to pair this extravagant accessory with a plain white tee and my new wide leg jeans. 

Other feather pieces I'm loving include...

Feather Maxi $86
Peacock Feather Bracelet $15

Over-sized Feather Top $15.80

Wondering Words Feather Scarf $18.99
Fingers of a Feather $14.99

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