When you wish upon a star....

This past week I ventured to Disneyland with my family. This is not my first time at a Disney park but it was definitely my favorite. As I was running from ride to ride with my 9 year old cousin I couldn't help but think, I kind of like the uniforms the Disney staff are wearing. With little styling touches these looks could easily translate into everyday wear. I had my Mom take a paparazzi-like picture of a staff member in Frontierland.

So if we take apart his uniform we have an awesome Panama hat, a Chambray shirt, suspenders and Chino shorts. The high socks and shoes can be thrown away - they're useless!

These are a couple of styles I would wear with the four pieces we have from our Frontierland uniform.

Frontierland Skirt

I'd throw a loose fitting Chambray shirt over a basic tee with a pair of suspenders and a chino mini skirt. I'd also wear men's shoes but not the typical brown or black, I'd wear a sequins or a bright color. The hat would be the finishing touch - icing on the cake! I like how the suspenders are not the main attraction but a subtle accessory, this keeps the look wearable and not uniform.

Frontierland shorts

I really love this look! The pink Chino shorts scream summer! I would wear the Chambray tank tucked in to the pink chino shorts with the suspenders over my shoulders. I like the gold gladiator sandals because they add a very feminine feel to the masculine pieces.

I've never worn suspenders before but I love the style they add to even the simplest pieces. I am now a huge fan and can't wait to purchase my first pair! If you know where I can find an awesome pair of suspenders please tell!

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