The Many Styles of a Bandana

This woman walked into the boutique the other day wearing a bandana around her neck and she looked classic, smart and oh so European! Recently, the only bandanas I've seen are on the sweaty guys playing frisbee golf or at music festivals. This woman is from Greece, lives in Germany and is visiting San Diego for work. We started talking about fashion and she said Germany is very conservative so she has to cover up. She uses bandanas to cover-up and add a pop-of-color to her outfits.

I went home and found 3 bandanas in my closet - This is what I came up with...

I don't know why I have an American flag bandana, but I do - so I thought I would try what my Greek friend did, I tucked it into my collar. I was actually surprised by how much I liked it. It's American Prep at it's finest.

I stole this wonderfully 80's bandana from my Mom. I'm pretty sure it's a Channel knock-off because it has gold chains throughout with purple, gold and pink charms on it. This bandana-look is very feminine and would be perfect for the office or a girl's night out.

My favorite bandana yet...this is another one I stole from my dear Mother but I couldn't help it! I just love the colors - it works in any season and the pattern is bohemian perfection! In the past I've worn this bandana as a headband but I like how easy it is to wear around my neck. I literally just tied it in a knot and was done - an instant update to any top!

I know you have at least one bandana in your closet...how are you going to wear it?

- s.g.f

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