Looking to a Brighter Future

I love the New Year. Everyone is motivated, energized and positive. Goals are set with fresh mentalities but at times, even the most sunshine-y people can be frustrated with just how long these long term goals can take. Like, why isn't the weight falling off? I've worked out 3 days in a row!!
As I continue to chip away at those new year resolutions, I needed a little pick me up in the meantime. A quick fix, if you will. Inspired by a photo shoot I styled last summer, I've decided to cure my wintery blues with bright colors. If we're going to be pasty and pale (gross words but you know you are), let's do it in magenta, cobalt blue, and every color in between. We ain't afraid of no neon!


Hope you don't mind. I went ahead and found some options for you. Oh, I also choose things on sale. No buyer's remorse here. 

Gap Legging Jeans
J.Crew School Boy Blazer

Francesca's Foundations Skirt

Nasty Gal Kayla Pocket Knit

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  1. This is a great job you have done and i think yes in the future bright colors like these should be more popular.