Austin Being Austin

Man on a scooter: "Hey man, you need a permit for that?"
Man on a horse: "Hell no, this is Texas!"

As Sara and I made our way down Congress Avenue for First Thursday, we were met by a man on a horse and the conversation above. Not that shocking as this is Texas, but come on! You can't make this shiz up. Isn't it great how Austin is just so perfectly and charmingly Austin? Where else can you find a Hans Solo pedi cab riding along side a horse? Or a man wearing a Wilfred costume selling painted skateboards? Austin being Austin. And so in the spirit of Austin being Austin, we picked out a few items from our favorite boutiques along SoCo.  Check back next week for our Man Boy Gift Giving Guide.

Vintage Ponchos at New Bohemia
Catherine Abston Jewelry at Leighelena
Record Bowls at Congress Avenue Holiday Shops

Skull Ring at Maya Star

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