Moving Day

This week I’m packing up my apartment in preparation for my move back to the Lone Star State. I typically hate packing but this time I’ve found the silver lining:   

*Finding clothes I love but had forgotten about & ...

*Making Money off Clothes I never wear -
Before I head to Goodwill I always make a stop at Buffalo Exchange to see if I can sell any of my clothes, accessories or shoes. If there’s not a Buffalo Exchange in your area try: Plato’s Closet, Frock You Vintage or My Clozet.

Since we’re on the topic of closets I thought I would share my favorite closet organizers. Organizing your closet not only helps you see what you have but it also ensures proper storage which can greatly extend the wear-life of your favorite pieces. 

Multi- Tiered Hanger 
I use this piece to hang my ever growing scarf collection but you can also use it to hang belts, ties, pants, bracelets or necklaces.

 Shoe Hanger
I love these shoe hangers because they keep my shoes together, visible and off the floor.

Clear Plastic Bins
Plastic Bins are a must have to keep your closet organized. I try to stick to medium or small bins, the bigger they get the more I lose track of. I also make sure to add a label to each bin - the more specific the better!

- s.g.f

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