Who Wears Short Shorts?

While my sister is out exploring the magical city of Paris, I felt the need to get out and explore the beautiful city I live in, New York City. While walking around Central Park today, I couldn't help but notice the many styles of shorts people were wearing. I used to avoid shorts like the plague and have always felt that they weren't the most flattering yet with all the different styles out there today, there is one for every body type.

Find your shape and look below for shorts that work on your body! 

For Pear and Hour Glass Body Figures, one option is to go with a high-waisted short. This will draw attention to your waist. 

Another option is to go with a pair of shorts that resemble a skirt. Material is lighter, flowy and not as restricting as shorts.                                     


One last option is to go with a pair of baggy shorts. This does not mean loose fitting! The extra material gives a little and with a tucked-in shirt, you draw attention up.   

For those lucky slim athletic body types, you pretty much have free range of shorts. If you do go short, keep it classy with styles featured below:

For apple body types, work the longer short. 

For petite body types, short tailored shorts are your friend. 

For a night-time option, rock some leather shorts and a pair of heels! 


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