Humble Beginnings

On a recent business trip to Thousand Oaks I made a detour to Calabassas - Yup, you're right I wanted to see Dash and maybe, hopefully see a Kardashian! Driving up to Dash I couldnt help but feel disappointed....It's in an older shopping center with stores that had "For Lease" signs hanging outside. I was still excited and even though it was 10am and the store didn't open until 11am, I jumped out of my car to look through the windows and take pictures. Once again, I felt disappointed. The store was super small, the mannequin's were dirty and broken and the wall decor consisted of three random pictures of the Kardashian sisters. I got back in my car to continue my drive and started thinking - It's kind of great the Kardashian Sister's first store was not perfect or amazing, they were young, new at opening a business and they had to start somewhere. The Kardashian's started in a small neighborhood shopping center and now seem to be taking over the world. As my sister and I begin our journey to opening our first store I feel inspired and encouraged when I see families who took the leap at opening a small business and are now reaping the rewards.

What do you think about the Dash? Am I being too harsh?

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