How to Do Lace at the Oscars!

As we've previously learned, I love Lace. I own a lace skirt, two lace dresses, lace tights, and a number of lace tops in many different shades of cream. So since I love lace I was so excited to see both Mila Kunis's and Scarlett Johansson sporting lace at the Oscars! Oh and Florence Welch wore a lace dress too....but we can talk about that later.

My Favorite of the two was Mila Kunis's dress by Elie Saab. This is honestly the dress I've dreamed of wearing to my wedding. Romantic, simple yet detailed and just perfect!

Scarlett Johansson wore a lace dress by Dolce & Gabbanna. Always playing up her sex appeal, ScarJo definitely did this dress justice. I love the rich color of the dress and the styling of her untamed hair and sultry make-up.


Now to Florence Welch....

I'll start off by saying, I love Florence and the Machine and I typically like Florence's bohemian, retro style but this look, just took it too far. I mean, its the Oscars! If there is ever a place to come out of your comfort zone and really enjoy fashion this is it! And for some reason she thought it was appropriate to dress like a 90 year old pilgrim.

I would have loved to see her in.....
Giorgio Armani Fall 2011

Florence would have rocked this dress! It maintains the soft color palette and feminine lines she loves to wears but has the definite wow factor needed for the Oscars!

Salvatore Ferragamo Fall 2011
This Feragammo dress is retro with a twist. It has a the feel of vintage Halston, maintaining Florence's Bohemian style, with the glam of Ferragamo! Her red hair and fair skin would have looked to die for against this black sheer dress.

Giorgio Armani Fall 2011

I love this look for Florence, from the fur to the flats (she's 6ft tall!). It's very old Hollywood glam with a retro twist.

Which is your favorite look for Florence Welch?

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  1. giorgio armani with the FUR! would love to see myself wearing that.