Fashion: An International Language

Just yesterday I had a customer from Sweden, she could speak some English but not much. She was loving the clothes in our boutique and kept asking for our opinion but the language barrier made it difficult. I saw she was trying on a pair of cream shorts so I pulled black pattered tights and told her to try them on together. When she looked at me confused I could tell she didn't understand, so I said...."Do you watch Gossip Girl?" she said "Yes...??" I said, "Blair wore tights and shorts two episodes ago." I pointed to each piece as I said their name. She looked at me for a while confused and then said, "oh yes!" She went to try them on and the pair looked super cute together! she quickly said, "I'm taking them!"

It's nice to know that it doesn't matter where you are in the world, as long as you speak fashion, you will always make friends!

Picture from imtheitgirl.com

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