Ya Baby!

I spent this afternoon plopped on the couch clicking through slide-shows of designer's Pre-Fall 2011 runway shows. It was obvious, they all got the same memo before they sketched their collections, The 70's are back and geometric shapes are IN! After seeing at least 10 different designer's slides I came across Stella McCartney, her use of geometric shapes are actually wearable. The everyday woman could pair her geometric tops and dresses with a pair of tights or flats and walk out the door looking stylish, yet modern.

I am a huge fan of Missoni, famous for insane knit wear, bright colors and bold patterns, they are the epitome of 70's fashion. Yet, I find this collection theatrical and to be honest, if I walked out wearing a Missoni dress not only would my butt look huge! but most might think I was going to a costume party.

All-in-all I say, save your money and head to the nearest goodwill - you're sure to find the perfect geometric sweater for under $10!

As for Stella McCartney vs. Missoni, you decide:



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