Hello Love!

Welcome Lovelies! My sister Sara and I started this blog to share our ideas, thoughts, and love of all things fab! We've always had ideas as creativity is encouraged in our family. Our brother is a  t-shirt designer; our father is a furniture designer; and our mother is a seamstress, costume designer, tailor...you get the idea. We were always encouraged to create our own looks by sewing clothes or altering clothes we already owned. We made dresses, purses, halloween costumes, you name it. 20 years later, we're still doing it.  Fashion is not our only love. Loves also include happenings on the street like music, food, and the arts. We hail from Austin, Texas so naturally these elements are major players in our lives. Austin style mirrors the laid-back energy of the residents.  The harmonious balance of comfort and color continues to inspire my own look in New York City where I live. As I roam around the city, I'll be sharing photos of people on the street and happenings around town that exude that famous New York edge. 3000 miles away on the west coast my sister Sara will be doing the same from San Diego and when the stars align and we're together in Austin, we'll share from there. We welcome your comments, feedback, photos and of course, fashion alerts. Check back soon!


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